Septic Drain Field Installation & Repair

Does Your Septic Drain Field Need To Be Repaired?

The drain field is the most expensive part of your septic system and is the integral "last stop" for the effluent working it's through your system until it's finally dispersed into the soil for natural absorption and filtration.  If your drain field isn't working correctly then your issue is going to trickle back and cause problems with every part of your septic system.  If you've had a septic drain field inspection and it's been determined that you have a problem with your septic drain field, we're glad you've found our website!  We can help you.

Prime Septic is a septic services contractor based out of Belton, SC and serving Belton, Easley, Honea Path, Greenville and the surrounding areas in Upstate North Carolina.  We specialize in repairing septic drain fields that aren't working correctly.  After a quick septic system inspection we can uncover the source of your drain field problem and come up with solutions for an affordable repair.  In some cases a repair isn't feasible and we'll recommend a drain field replacement.

Signs Your Drain Field Needs To Be Repaired

  • Drains are working very slowly in sinks and showers.
  • You notice effluent or wastewater coming out of your system clean-outs.
  • You have water pooling up around your drain field with a foul sewage smell.
  • Your system is clogged and backing up into your home.

Problems with a septic drain field can sometimes be difficult and problematic like collapsed piping in your drain field that a vehicle has driven over and crushed.  After a drain field inspection we'll be able to figure out where the problem lies and make recommendations for repair.

What Can Cause A Septic Drain Field To Fail?

Your septic system is a relatively simple system and they have existed in their current form for many many years.  Whenever we are called out to solve a clients septic problems it's more often than not, for one of the following common septic problems

  • The system is just old, it's served the household for decades and is now beyond it's useful life.
  • The system hasn't been pumped of solids for many years.
  • Excess rain or excess water usage (like leaking water lines or toilets) that overwhelm the drain field.
  • The system was designed and installed poorly to begin with.  (more common than you think!)
  • The drain field piping has been damaged by heavy vehicles or equipment unknowingly driving over the field.
  • Heavy vehicles can also cause soil compaction which severely limits the drain fields ability to "drain".
  • Tree roots finding their way into the drain field and causing clogs.
  • Excess trees and bushes growing on top of the septic field.
  • Pouring fat, oil, or grease down the drain.  It solidifies and causes clogs.
  • Flushing baby wipes down the toilet.  If you don't have an effluent filter they can clog up your drain field piping.
  • Missing effluent filter.  Your effluent filter prevents solids from reaching the drain field.  Many older systems don't have one or it might have been removed and never replaced.

How Do We Repair Septic Drain Fields?

There are a variety of repair methods we can use but our course of action depends entirely on what the problem is with your drain field to begin with.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Septic Drain Field?

It's impossible to quote drain field repairs over the Internet.  Every septic system we encounter is different and while the problems we experience are repetitive, every situation is unique and may require different solutions.

When determining the cost of your drain field repair we take several things into consideration.

  • The size of the system
  • The location of the system (is it easy or difficult access?)
  • The specific problem you're having
  • How much labor will be required
  • Can the system be repaired or is a total replacement the better option.

If you are having a drain field problem or suspect your drain field is having a problem the best thing to do is give us a call (864) 401-11111 and arrange a time for us to come out and inspect your system.

How Can You Extend The Life Of Your Drain Field?

With proper care and maintenance your septic drain field should last for many years, decades even.  So what can you do specifically that will extend the life of your drain field?

  1. Have the septic tank pumped out regularly every 3 to 5 years.  This prevents solids from building up in your system as the drain field is only meant to treat wastewater.  If the solids build up too much they will eventually end up as sludge in your drain field causing clogs.
  2. Clean your effluent filter every 6 months or so.  Your effluent filter prevents solids from making their way into the drain field but the filter can itself clog.  When the filter becomes clogged the wastewater can't make it's way into drain field.  Cleaning your effluent filter keeps everything moving efficiently.  If you don't have risers installed on your septic tank, they make inspecting and cleaning your effluent filter much easier.
  3. Do NOT flush baby wipes, tampons, bacon fat, cooking grease, cooking oil, bleach, or other chemicals down your toilet or down your drains.  Your septic system was only designed to handle human waste and wastewater.  Nothing else!
  4. Keep your drain field clear of overgrowth like bushes, trees, and plants.  Grass is OK as the roots are very shallow but anything else should never be planted or allowed to grow over the drain field.
  5. Don't ever drive over or park vehicles, boats, RV's or equipment overtop of your septic drain field.  The piping that lies below the surface can easily be crushed by the weight of these items.

Prime Septic Can Repair Your Drain Field In Greenville, Belton, And Upstate South Carolina.

Prime Septic is a septic system services company based out of Belton, SC and serving Greenville, Easley, Belton, and the surrounding areas in Upstate North Carolina.  We specialize in repairing septic drain fields for residential and commercial clients.  If you are having trouble with your drain field let the experts take a look!

If you’d like to schedule a septic drain field inspection or get an estimate for drain field repair please give us a call  (864) 401-1111 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.